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My First Week Developing on Neocities

Published on 06 Nov 2022

The first week of working on this site was the biggest serotonin boost and fit of personal passion/interest/inspiration Iโ€™ve had since I started streaming on Twitch at the start of the year. I found it hard to even sleep then because I was so excited to work on it in every spare moment. I wish someone had told me that if I was feeling unenthusiastic about everything, I should go back to whatever sparked wonder for me as a kid.

Now that I have descriptions of each of my commits on GitHub, I no longer want to maintain a site updates page. I still wanted to make this post to migrate those updates here as an archive. Going forward, Iโ€™ll be tooting about my ongoing web dev struggles on mastodon or writing long form updates / tutorials here.

2022.11.04 - The past couple days have been dedicated to learning how to use GitHub (actions, desktop client, what commits and pulls are, etc.) and setting up Jekyll, a static site generator. I have learned so much in such a short time, and Iโ€™m loving this new workflow. I also set up a blog since Jekyll makes that pretty easy, and my first post is a guide for how I did all this stuff for absolute beginners like myself. Unfortunately, I probably canโ€™t help if people have questions, but it was helpful for me to write. There have been many people visiting the site and expressing interest in joining the afternoon tea pixel club, which warms my heart.

2022.11.01 - A little belated, but I went trick-or-treating today on Yesterwebโ€™s 2022 Trick-or-Treat event and collected a bunch of treats! It was so fun and creative! I really want to participate next year and give out tons of cute adoptables. Since I was in a pixel art mood, I made a strawberry shortcake teacup for adoption on the Afternoon Tea page.

2022.10.31 - Happy Halloween! Thanks to extremely generous help, this website is now templated with javascript as a workaround for Neocities not allowing PHP, which is what I was used to. For the coding-inclined, these were key: 1, 2. - Somehow I have 5 neocities followers of this site already? - Iโ€™m glad Iโ€™ve been able to dedicate enough time over the past three days to get it looking and functionally working the way I imagined. - I created acceptable buttons for site navigation. - In terms of what to work on next, I want to create the q*bee tribute pixel club and add a few lists in the about me page (likes, dislikes, etc).

2022.10.30 - I launched the Afternoon Tea pixel club! I really hope people join <3 - I also added analytics and a sparkling cursor effect, joined 4 webrings, added an About Me page, linked to more web resources and sites (28 total as of today), and made some site badges. - I modified the site navigation style, but Iโ€™m not satisfied with it, so Iโ€™ll have to think about that more another day.

2022.10.29 - Made pixel link buttons. Animating the tamagotchi 32x32 button took a long time, but I think it was worth it.

2022.10.28 - I started this site and figured out basic css, responsiveness, and website architecture. Iโ€™m also slowly starting to populate my pixel treasure box.

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