You're invited to Afternoon Tea

If you take any cups, you must link back to its creator.
Do not direct link from my site.

How to Join This Pixel Club

  1. Download the โœจtemplateโœจ.
  2. Create a pixel teacup with a transparent background to show off your style. Animations are welcome!
  3. Post a message on my Neocities Profile or in my guestbook with a link to your pixel teacup + your URL, so I can upload it and link to your site from the gallery above. Feel free to include a description of how it tastes for mouse-over alt text.
  4. Optional: Create a space on your website for your teacup collection and collect cups from the gallery above.

Frequently Asked Questions


This is a pixel club tribute to Teahouse MB, a kawaii pixel art forum that no longer exists. Teahouse MB provided a teacup template for folks to create their own unique teacup designs. Artists would then allow a limited number of people to collect the design on a first-come-first-serve basis, usually limiting it to the first 10-20 people who posted on the thread. Note: I created the template for the Afternoon Pixel Club from scratch since I didnโ€™t have a copy of the original from Teahouse MB.

Update (2023.04.10): I actually found Joanneโ€™s website (the owner of TeahouseMB) who still has a collection here as well as Cazโ€™s collection, so please give those collections a click and get inspired.