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Welcome to Lost Letters

site credits and attribution

This is a collection of wonderful people / places / things that helped me create this site. Attribution is important to me, so if you ever have a question about where I got or learned something, feel free to ask in my guestbook (and I may add it here too).


πŸ’– Fool Lovers - lace header, lacy content container, url hover sparkles, favicon, bouncing sakura divider
πŸ’– trovami - custom web badge / antipixel button creator used for badges I made to reflect my values on my about page
πŸ’– Pokyaron - 88x31 unicorn button base
πŸ’– Flyff - cursor
πŸ’– pixel-soup & lost-sozai - emoticons

webmastery / dev environment

πŸ’– GoatCounter - open source web analytics alternative to Google Analytics that I use on this site
πŸ’– Hewett Tsoi - creator of my pixel header font (Alagard)
πŸ’– - dynamic site navigation, link to GitHub Action for deploying to Neocities

My blog posts on webmastery include all the sources I found and used while working on technical aspects of this site and creating my ideal developer environment. I felt like it was most useful to attribute those in context, so please refer to individual posts for those sources.

There’s also attribution within my source code on github for javascript and more. I felt like that was also better left in-line, but feel free to ask if you don’t want to dig.

since 2022.10.29