Net Neighbors / Affiliates

If you've linked to my site, let me know so I can add your link here to become net neighbors. Who I link is still at my discretion though, so I will not reciprocate if you don't pass the vibe check or are a minor. Feel free to use these buttons, but please download and host them yourself.

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I believe that every site needs a links page, and Iโ€™m hoping this list will provide you with some really interesting and helpful places to explore next.

Personal Sites

Cinni is a fellow vpet lover, and itโ€™s been so nice to bond over our mutual obsession. I love all that she does to document different vpets as well as her artistic furcadia creations! - Mayaโ€™s timeless content is always interesting and delightful to peruse. Goblin mode forever!

Winnie Lim - This relatable personal online library is a continuous exploration of self that inspires me to think more deeply about my own life.

Melonking.Net is so expansive that it literally has its own tourist guide. Iโ€™m constantly inspired by the web-related community provocations from Melon as well as all the creative animation and code on his site, pushing the bounds of possibility.

Lazy Bones is Alyceโ€™s wonderfully unique, yet resonant personal site. I love the home movies, old journals, love letters, and stamp collection - all her efforts to digitize real world things creates this entirely distinct portal into anotherโ€™s life.

Cepheus reminds me of all the eye-catching and expressive graphic layouts of the early web. This site has a ton to explore: web material, full free books, and such a creative layout design. Be sure to check out his delightfully atmospheric web profile too!

Lulu in Cyberspace - Luluโ€™s ardent support of making web development as accessible as possible resonated with me. Lu is infinitely expressive through her site and has a lot to say thatโ€™s worth listening to. Thereโ€™s plenty of fun and playful stuff to explore too.

Marzka.Cafe is a stunningly designed website thatโ€™s also built using jekyll. I learned a ton from her websiteโ€™s public github repository when trying to figure out how to make my SSG work.

Palemomos is a true visual delight for pixel and anime lovers. My favorite part that literally made me gasp in amazement the first time I saw it was Paleโ€™s Yu-Gi-Oh! shrine. The cursor hover effects were out of this world good.

Unique Resources

Yesterweb opened my eyes to how the web has changed, inspiring me to create this site.

Gloomlee is the genius behind the Neocities-friendly (all HTML and JS, no PHP) TCG manager: neoTCG! I used to play so many TCGs a decade ago and relied heavily on the PHP-based eTCG, but now we can play TCGs without hosting elsewhere!

Dimdenโ€™s extremely cool CRT/hotel-vibes site layout blows me away every time. I like his NavLink Ads project, which is a non-commercial way to advertise personal websites.

Ichigo Directory is Cinniโ€™s guide to current and archived cute websites with a focus on pixel art & web materials.

[ Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web ] A manifesto that details how the modern web commoditises people and the actions we can take to help fight for the open web

[ SADGRL.ONLINEโ€™s Internet manifesto ] a quick, worthwhile read on what we should do to help make the internet better - blinkie generator

[ livestreams of train stations throughout Japan ] - Enjoyment may vary, depending on your timezone