Pixel Clubs

Since the early 2000s, cute pixel clubs have been a popular way to create and collect art from each other. The most famous pixel art club was the quilting bee, but there were many smaller ones which were much easier to join. This still remains popular today with new pixel clubs popping up all the time. Iโ€™ve listed a couple here which are categorized into clubs that are revivals of bygone ones, โ€œnewโ€ clubs that didnโ€™t originate from the early 2000s era, and a few clubs that are archived without any person who has tried to revive it (note: several neocities folks have put up yum-yum shoppe pages but link to the internet archive page).

[ Revival ] Afternoon Tea
[ Revival ] Kitty Friends

[ Revival ] Pocket Town
[ Revival ] Teeny Towers
[ Revival ] Jar Jams
[ Revival ] Nyanbo Astume
[ New Era ] Charm Bracelets

[ New Era ] Fizzy Vendor

[ New Era ] The Lava Lounge

[ New Era ] Bunny Garden
[ New Era ] Sticker Sheet Club

[ Archived ] yum-yum shoppe
[ Archived ] Snowflakes