Web Dev Resources

This is a collection of resources that helped me create this site, which may help you with yours too! You can click through most graphics on my site to get to the original artists, and thereโ€™s also attribution sporadically commented within my source code. If you ever have a question about where I got or learned something, feel free to ask in my guestbook.

Code Snippets



Japanese Pixel Sozai Sites

Fool Lovers provided key assets for my current website layout and contains so much more!

Sorahana primarily contains cute, nature-themed graphics for soft, fairytale vibes.

Hotchoco has a lot of cute pixel graphics, though the site may be a bit difficult to enter if you donโ€™t know Japanese.

Asterism contains elegant, sparkly, and lacy web material, covering backgrounds, icons, and templates.

Pokyaron has small pixel web resources as well as large art, spanning many styles. However, it may be difficult to navigate if you donโ€™t know Japanese.

English Pixel Art Sites

Whimsical was created by Sumomoco and holds the best pixel adoptables. Iโ€™ve been a fan since 2006.

Bitmap Dreams pixel art is iconic, elegant, and nostalgic, especially for anyone who has ever lived in Japan.

Appledust contains creepy, cute, and Neopets-themed pixel art and other web material.

Elfwinkโ€™s Pixels contains a bunch of adoptables like food, tamagochi, Maneki Neko, and more!

Ametarium is a space-themed pixel and vector art adoptables site.