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Run More Easily

During my consistent running periods (when Iโ€™m not sick/injured), these are a few keys to my consistency that are completely free and may help you:

  • Gratitude reflection after every run - This is easiest when I'm in a good mood after running. I like to override my typical negative self-talk with some gratitude towards my body for allowing me the opportunity to run regardless of distance and pace. This helps me remember how good I feel after running.
  • I don't stress or judge if I have to reschedule a run, which allows me to fit it into my life when I'm more prepared and in a better mindset instead of avoiding the run due to dread.
  • Use the Run/Walk method - I made running as easy as possible for myself with this method, and paired it with low heart rate training, which has been shown to reduce injury by maintaining proper form at lower levels of exertion. Also, you're still totally a runner even if you take walk breaks, and I have my own run data to prove that I'm faster when I actually use the run/walk method compared to when I just run the same distance.
  • Follow inpsirational runners - I always get inspired watching a well-edited and hype kofuzi run vlog, informative and helpful running videos from The Running Channel, listening to the Not Your Average Runner Podcast, or keeping up with Savannah Sachdev's fun daily run streak vlogs.
  • Gamification - Not only can you use the Strava app for free to track your runs for free, you can also sign up to challenges to earn badges and even discounts from corporate challenge sponsors. Because I also have a Garmin watch, I also run and workout to earn badges on Garmin Connect as well.