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My Running Gear

While running can be a very economical form of exercise, nerding out on this hobby can get expensive and not very sustainable since running gear is not something you really want to buy used. I have scored heavily discounted โ€œnew with tagsโ€ items off of resale apps like Poshmark before, so if you need new gear, definitely check there first. None of these are affiliate links, and Iโ€™m not being paid to post any of this. I really just love these products:

  • Running Shoes - As a slow runner with plantar fasciitis, I use and enjoy the divisive On Cloudmonster shoes, but you should go to a running shoe store to have your gait analyzed so you can have pros recommend the best shoe for you.
  • A GPS watch: My GPS watch is a constant source of inspiration, encouraging me to move my body in so many more ways than just running. It has a variety of incredible features like 5km and 10km training plans, the ability to program workouts with vibrating cues for time, cadence, and distance segments, and so much more. I use the Garmin Instinctยฎ 2 Solar, which comes with 28 days of battery life (unlimited with solar) that's literally game changing.
  • HOKA ORA Recovery Slide - If you too were told by a doctor to avoid walking barefoot on hard surfaces, these are so good. They're firmer then oofos, but have better arch support and plenty of squish to protect you from heel spur pain, especially after you've created inflammation due to running.
  • Lululemon Enlite Bra - They are stupid expensive, but I've used them for over 500 running and HIIT workouts and they still hold up. As someone who needs high support, I couldn't run without these.
  • Lululemon Fast and Free leggings - If your weight fluctuates or your get bloated easily, I love the secure, continuous waist band you can adjust infinitely.