Real Self-Care Under Oppressive Systems

"You can't meditate your way out of a 40-hour work week with no childcare, without health insurance, without access to actual, real, systemic support that is going to take care of the fact that our world is pretty much constantly on fire." - Dr. Pooja Lakshmin

I often remind myself that although there are many terrible external things in the world, I typically can only control my reaction to them as I often lack any individual agency to immediately change them in a particular moment. Boycotting, labor organizing, writing to representatives, voting, striking, etc. are all critical to creating the systemic change that improves our wellbeing, but those are outside the scope of this page.

I wanted to create this page to list a few tools that Iโ€™ve found to help me practice introspection and inner equanimity anytime, anywhere. My goal with these is never mastery. Life will always find new ways to humble us. Instead, I try to approach introspection with a beginnerโ€™s mind and compassionate curiosity. Please take what works for you and leave what doesnโ€™t. None of this is a substitute for medical advice. Here is a directory of international mental health helplines should you need it.

Check in on my current state/needs

Quieting the mind

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