Welcome to Lost Letters

Technical Notes

My static site is generated by Jekyll. I am hosted by Neocities. I push my code from my computer to Neocities with Bret Comnesโ€™ deploy-to-neocities workflow, and I followed this guide to set that up. For the non-technical, Jekyll-curious, I wrote out every single step I took to set up Jekyll for this site as a complete beginner, including creating a Github account.

My blog posts on web dev include all the sources I found and used while working on technical aspects of this site and creating my ideal developer environment. I felt like it was most useful to attribute those in context, so please refer to individual posts for those sources.

Past Layouts

I wanted to start a log of the past iterations of the site, so I can look back on all the terrible code I've written good memories Iโ€™ve made!

๐Ÿš€ Version 2: Lost in Space! | March 2023 - current

With this layout, I simplified the elements of my first layout using the body styling from Paleโ€™s gorgeous Glassy layout. Iโ€™ve been totally on a space kick, playing Starforged, reading Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey, and watching The Expanse, which is based on that book. I think that probably explains why I went with the space background. Itโ€™s hard to find something dark, but not too boring.

Highlights & Credits:

๐ŸŽ€ Version 1: Lace Letters | Oct 2022 - March 2023

This layout was adapted from a template by Fool Lovers. They provided the lace header, lacy content container graphics and code, url hover sparkles, favicon, and bouncing sakura divider. I will always be extremely fond of this layout since it was the first one I tweaked to my liking to launch Lost Letters on Neocities. A lot of folks enjoyed the gorgeous pixel art based on the guestbook entries from that time.

Highlights & Credits: