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Tamagotchi became a fixation for me at the end of August 2023. My friend purchased the Uni, and I had to get in on the fun. Had I not been so driven by nostalgia thanks to making this whole site, I probably could have resisted the pull of yet another virtual pixel pet, but here we are, taking care of another pet better than we take care of ourselves.

I think there’s something just so compelling about these cute characters, especially since the latest generation has distinct personalities. Even though the art style has changed a lot over the years, tamagotchi characters, regardless of generation, are instantly recognized as such. Furthermore, the astronomical prices of tamagotchi collabs with Sanrio and Disney show just how much power iconic characters can have. I am but a weak-willed fiend for Sanrio, so you can probably tell which tama I just couldn’t resist adding to my collection below because I so badly wanted to play with the sanrio characters.

゚・✧∘ tamagotchi uni ∘✧・゚

I really didn’t think I was going to get into tamagotchi as an adult because I remember the game part of the device was pretty dull when I was a kid. The brand has come a long way since the original generation of tamas, and now growing different characters is so fun! I also love to collect the decor and accessories to dress up my tama and their room. Like many other tamagotchi fans, I am hoping they release a different shell for this tamagotchi, ideally a transparent one, but I’m having a great time playing with the one I have in the meantime. Here are all the characters I’ve grown and unlocked so far:

゚・✧∘ tamagotchi meets sanrio ∘✧・゚

This was a semi-impulsive purchase, but I’m so glad I found a decent price on mercari because I was told anything under $200 USD is a good price for this version. I really wanted to get this tamagotchi because you can grow a sanrio character, then marry other tamagotchi original characters. The children will inherit hybrid physical traits from their sanrio and tamagotchi parents, and the number of different types of possible tamas for this generation of tamagotchi is truly astounding, especially when you consider just the sheer number of base characters. I really want to get a sweets version of the tamagotchi meets as well because the sweets and sanrio hybrid characters would be amazing!

I will never forget my first time playing this game nor the tamagotchi I raised. A little sickly Riboputchi hatched, and, within that first hour, I must have medicated it twice, cleaned at least 7 poos, and fed it dozens of times. She takes after me I thought to myself as I mashed away at the buttons. It was much more needy than the tamagotchi uni characters in the baby stage; however, it was entirely worth all the effort to max out hunger and happiness because it turned into Yumehotchi, which is a little ghosty girl with a star crown in the pan pride colors !!! I was so excited that I jumped up immediately and ran over to my girlfriend to show her. The next day, we got Hanbunkotchi, which is quite a cute little split-colored tama followed by her final form: Lovelitchi, a sweet little bunny tama that likes to run around the room, smiling. From this generation onwards, the genetic mixing means there isn’t really pixel art of all the variations, so I’ll just preserve this first generation in pixel art unless I get extremely inspired to make my own.

゚・✧∘ gifted tamas ∘✧・゚

My friend who inspired me to get the uni dove deep into the rabbit hole of tamagotchi, but quickly gave it up and gave me these tamas and a phone capable of a specific band of infrared for connecting to the P’s tama all for ¥12,000 JPY ($82.49 USD)! They are all in great condition, and the tamagotchi pix even came brand new and sealed in its original box. Unreal! I wonder how many I can run concurrently without becoming overwhelmed.

I was most excited to get another meets device, so I can run it concurrently with my sanrio meets, but these are all incredible tamagotchi. The middle tama is a tamagotchi P’s (pronounced like “piece” in Japanese), which has a removable heart charm “pierce” that can be swapped with other pierces for DLC items and characters. One of the more expensive pierces is the disney piece because it was the only collab tamagotchi has done with Disney. The tamagotchi on the right is a pink Pix Party, and it actually comes with a build-in camera! I’m going to have to take at least one photo and post it in this shrine regardless of how much it drains the battery.

゚・✧∘ new to me, unplayed ∘✧・゚

On my first tamagotchi hunt through secondhand stores with my girlfriend, I found this angelgotchi with the original glittery hard cases! It’s such an iconic shell and in my favorite color, so I just couldn’t pass it up. The hard case had some sharpie on it, but I was able to remove it completely with just a couple swipes of an alcohol wipe thanks to some advice on the internet!

Although I really am struggling with the amount of Japanese up front, I had to get another tamagotchi meets. I can’t wait to run this sweets version alongside my magical and sanrio versions. Out of all the colors, pink is definitely my favorite, which is good because white seems to be the most expensive version.

Gudetama is a forever mood, and I love this character so much. I looked up a couple listings, and this didn’t seem like a horrible price for both the nano and the case, so I got him to keep me company at my desk. I’ve heard that the nanos don’t have games, you just feed and clean up poo, so I’m not sure if I’ll play this one anytime soon.

Since I couldn’t get this in stores and everywhere but Amazon US seemed to be sold out, I got this secondhand for ~$12 cheaper than Amazon US. It’s new in box, so I’m actually quite pleased. I don’t think the gameplay of the originals is quite compelling aside from the Angelgotchi where you take care of dead tamas, so I really just got this because of the gorgeous shell.

I couldn’t resist this shell glittery transparent shell either. It was new in box, so I did pay a slight aftermarket markup, but I knew I would be upset if I missed out on getting such a gorgeous version of the most iconic shell shape. It could be fun to do a joint run of all my originals at the same time!

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