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My Custom Dice Tray Made by My Dad πŸ’

My most-prized tabletop gaming accessory is my one of a kind dice tray made by my dad for me for Christmas in 2022. I told him I would love something like the Tabletop Dice Tray from Wyrmwood, but with a vegan interior. With just that to go off of, he made this stunning dice tray with gold-flecked cork interior! It is made with different types of American woods, namely cherry from Michigan as well as maple and walnut from Indiana. My partner's box is made of exotic woods, including wenge from Africa as well as bocote and leopard wood from South America.

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My Hoard of Math Rocks

DISCLAIMER: you do not need expensive dice to play TTRPGs! You can use completely free dice rollers online or even learn to code your own dice roller! I use digital dice through D&D Beyond for a virtual-only campaign, but I can’t stop collecting gorgeous physical dice… πŸ™ƒ

My first 7-piece dice set ever by Chessex (2018) was from my local game shop, eagerly purchased alongside a hard copy of the D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook at the request of my first DM. I remember pouring over the dice and ultimately selecting these for their vibrant and appealing hues. They still bring me back to my first ever D&D campaign that lasted for 1.5 years before I moved to Japan. I don't use these anymore, and I unofficially bequeathed these to my partner.

My Sharp-Edge Dice Era (2022-current): We all have a type, and mine is transparent sharp-edge dice with smoke, holographic, and gold inclusions. These are the dice I currently use (or ban when they aren't rolling well) to play Ironsworn and Starforged.